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Where are we at with the HOME RENOVATION?

Feb 11, 2015

I have been off the blog for a bit but back on today.

After trying to stay in the house while doing our renovation it became quite obvious that, Holly and i were just restricting the trades from getting there job done and the carpenters could only do so much.

Holly and I made the decision the first week of January to get out of the carpenters way and let them do their job.  We are fortunate enough to have a place that we could relocate to for a couple of months.  It didn’t take long before we went to town on the house.

 As of today all walls are stripped of their plaster and the exterior walls showed why the house was so chilly in the winter time. In some spots the only insulation was rolled up wax paper, the valances above the windows had no insulation what so ever. I knew it was not well insulated but this was quite the surprise. Houses that were built in the early 60’s and even the 70’s had R7 paperback insulation installed. This amounts to 2 ½” of insulation which effects energy cost immensely.

Anyways we are now almost complete inside with new wall designs and layouts.  We hope to have the electrician back next week to put in just a few more outlets and pot lights.

The new furnace has been installed and it is absolutely fantastic.  It runs off of our Navian tankless hot water tank and when you turn it on we have instant heat. It is extremely quite we can hardly wait to have it completely hooked up for entire house. By far one of the best systems I have ever seen.

This system will finally give us a warm and cozy home instead of feeling a bit cool all the time. Energy wise I believe it will save us $$ in energy costs. We will let everyone know once it is in full use.

We also installed a Radon Gas extraction system as we believe this to be important for clean air in the home.

The plan is finally coming together.

Next we will be making the home airtight and energy efficient.

If you are planning a renovation of this magnitude Holly and I recommend  having another place to stay for a month or two so that the carpenters can stay on track and on budget.

Until next time

Gordon and Holly

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Apr 9, 2014


Considerations when Insulating with Styrofoam Board

Mar 21, 2014

Styrofoam Board Insulation



If you are thinking about upgrading your wall insulation by installing Styrofoam on the exterior, it can be a bit more complicated than just nailing on Styrofoam. As houses are  a building science one thing to be considered is a term call “Dew Point." It has to do with how much insulation is on the inside of your home (warm side) to what is installed on the outside. Because the inside of the home (warm side) has a vapor barrier across the walls before the drywall is installed it is important to know how much the R-value of the Styrofoam on the outside of the wall is. Basically what could happen if this is done incorrectly condensation could start to form in the cavities of the walls that over time may lead to mold and dry rot.

The first step should be talk to an envelope engineer to find out how much insulation should be installed on the outside of the home or building to mitigate any Dew Point problems down the road. This is not only piece of mind, but benefits are a much warmer and comfortable home.


Also, what type of windows is in the home are they being replaced, as well? As I mentioned your home is a building science and one small fix may lead to other issues, it takes very little time to investigate these issues with a qualified renovator and could save you money and problems down the road.


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